Water sediment

Marine environment monitoring and management

Design and implementation of effective marine monitoring and management plans to enable sustainable management of Western Australia’s marine resources.

At BMT Oceanica we pride ourselves on the delivery of cost-effective monitoring and management programs that draw on the latest tools and methods.  We have earned the respect of customers, academics and regulators due to our focus on ensuring quality and effectiveness in our science.  We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of environmental monitoring programs for a range of customers and routinely develop environmental management plans (EMPs) consistent with State and Federal management frameworks.

BMT Oceanica has expertise across several monitoring disciplines, including baseline monitoring, compliance assessment monitoring and specialised technical studies to support our environmental impact assessments.  Our success is based on a comprehensive understanding of ecosystem processes and biotopes, across temperate and tropical latitudes.  This ensures that the objectives of the monitoring program are met in a cost-effective manner.

BMT Oceanica offers the following marine monitoring and environmental management services: