Spatial services

BMT Oceanica’s spatial sciences team are experts in GIS, remote sensing and cartography.

Our spatial sciences team are highly qualified and experienced, with specialist skills in geospatial analysis, remote sensing and thematic mapping.  Analysts undergo continual professional development to remain informed and at the forefront of advancements in spatial science. BMT Oceanica provides a range of spatial services to meet the objectives of our customers. 


GIS and Data

The powerful data management and visualisation tools of Geographic Information Systems form the backbone of BMT Oceanica’s spatial services.  At each stage in the data lifecycle — from collection to assessment and analysis — emphasis is on ensuring the positional and attribute quality of spatial data.  Temporal analysis and visualisation of long-term spatial datasets is a current focus of the spatial sciences industry and BMT Oceanica’s data management systems are designed for tracking how datasets change over time, ensuring appropriate long-term storage and immediate access to your data assets.


Remote Sensing

BMT Oceanica employs experienced remote sensing analysts to interpret and integrate imagery with spatial data, biophysical models and field measurements.  By drawing on the marine science, engineering and statistical expertise within BMT Oceanica and maintaining awareness of emerging remote sensing techniques, we provide innovative yet commercially focused remote sensing solutions.  BMT Oceanica can provide expert marine remote sensing advice and manage projects from commissioning imagery capture through to data analysis and reporting.



BMT Oceanica’s cartographic specialists have over 20 years experience in communicating spatial information effectively and to a high standard of quality.  We can create maps for use in reports, websites, meetings, brochures and other applications, and are also able to provide cartographic advice for your own internal mapping products.  Spatial Sciences have been integral to the development of methods for tracking the progress of BMT Oceanica’s highly successful seagrass rehabilitation programs.

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Products for data management

At BMT Oceanica, we recognise that environmental data is often irreplaceable and have developed systems to ensure data integrity and securely through all stages.

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seagrass benthic habitat

Seagrass and benthic habitat rehabilitation

BMT Oceanica has contributed greatly to seagrass rehabilitation projects in temperate waters for more than a decade.

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