Marine fauna and flora surveys

Our team of marine biologists and quantitative ecologists are experts in the design, implementation and interpretation of marine flora and fauna surveys.

Our biological and ecological node leaders have high level academic qualifications and years of industry experience.   This translates to survey designs which are robust, fit-for-purpose and of the highest scientific quality.  BMT Oceanica offers the following marine flora and fauna survey design, implementation and analysis services:

  • Seagrass coverage and health
  • Macroalgal coverage and health
  • Coral coverage and health
  • Community and biochemical analyses including the use and interpretation of stable isotope analysis
marine outfalls 2

Ocean outfalls

BMT Oceanica has extensive experience in the monitoring and management of ocean outfalls.

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Ports and harbours

A key focus of Oceanica's work is providing environmental support for the development and operation of ports and coastal infrastructure.

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