Biostatistics survey design

Biostatistics and survey design

BMT Oceanica has extensive experience and knowledge of modern biostatistical methods and survey design practices.

At BMT Oceanica, we understand that effective survey design and biostatistical theory are intrinsically linked.  This enables us to advise on the level of sampling effort required to meet regulator needs as well as provide confidence that the environmental objectives were met and that the program will be capable of detecting ecologically meaningful change. 



BMT Oceanica has a number of consultants with a strong skills and experience in biostatistics who are actively engaged in statistical research.  Our team of marine scientists have extensive experience and knowledge of modern biostatistical methods and have developed innovative methods for data analysis and QA/QC of calculations and outputs.  BMT Oceanica offers the following biostatistical services:

  • Technical review of statistical methods
  • Data processing systems (QAQC) and automation
  • Univariate statistical analyses
  • Multivariate statistical analyses


Survey design

Environmental monitoring programs must be cost effective, sensitive, and targeted.  BMT Oceanica offers the following survey design services:

  • Design of monitoring programs and protocols for compliance assessment purposes
  • Design of monitoring programs and protocols for EIA purposes
  • Statistical power analysis (parametric and non-parametric)
  • Statistical risk assessment (see also Innovations)
  • Cost-benefit analysis
water and sediment quality

Marine environment monitoring and management

We have an expert understanding of the development and implementation of Environmental Monitoring and Management (EMMP) programs.

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statistical power analysis

Statistical power analysis

BMT Oceanica is actively engaged in statistical research and recently won a BMT Innovations scholarship to develop specialist power and cost-benefit analysis tools.

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