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Ocean outfalls

BMT Oceanica has extensive experience in the monitoring and management of ocean outfalls.

Ensuring the sustainable disposal of treated wastewater, brine and cooling water into the marine environment requires a clear understanding of the contaminants in the wastewater, flows, dilutions and hydrodynamics together with an appreciation of the receiving environment, including water quality, sediment quality and benthic habitats. 

The monitoring and management of marine outfalls forms a significant component of our work at BMT Oceanica.  As a foundation area of practice, BMT Oceanica is proud to have been associated with managing ocean outfalls in Western Australia for close to 20 years.  We have an unrivalled understanding of relevant issues, regulatory frameworks.  Through our long association with ocean outfalls, we have developed a very clear understanding of customer, regulator and community needs.


Relevant services and projects

  • Marine environmental monitoring and management - BMT Oceanica has a proud association with the longest running ocean outfall monitoring program in Western Australia, the Perth Long-term Ocean Outlet Monitoring (PLOOM) program, and more recently, the Bunbury (BOOM) and Alkimos (ASOOM) ocean outfall monitoring programs.  Our dedicated ocean outfalls team has many years of experience in the management and monitoring of several different ocean outfalls: treated wastewater, desalination brine and cooling water.   
  • Environmental Impact Assessment  - BMT Oceanica has a deep understanding of the regulatory frameworks relevant to ocean outfalls and has applied this knowledge to a wide range of projects.  BMT Oceanica has assisted Water Corporation with the approval of capital infrastructure projects at Alkimos, Kwinana, Beenyup and the Burrup Peninsula, and assisted with numerous changes to proposals through Sections 45c and 46 of the EP Act (1996). 
  • Coastal surveys - BMT Oceanica’s experienced staff has expertise in coastal processes, geomorphology, marine and coastal geology, hydrology and oceanography in relation to construction of marine outfalls.  
  • Spatial sciences - Our team of GIS and remote sensing specialists produce spatially accurate benthic habitat maps using geo-rectified satellite imagery in association with data collected in situ.  These techniques have been used in support of decisions regarding placement of marine infrastructure, and identification of broad-scale changes in benthic habitats over time. BMT Oceanica has produced hundreds of high quality maps and figures to assist management of marine outfalls in Western Australia.
  • Project management and field operations - BMT Oceanica has managed all components of Perth’s largest ocean outlet monitoring program, PLOOM, on behalf of the Water Corporation for nearly two decades, and other ocean outfall monitoring programs at Bunbury and Alkimos since inception. 
  • Data management  - BMT Oceanica has developed a customised marine database system known as MarineBase.  The system was developed to store and manage data associated with the PLOOM program, but has been expanded to accommodate other ocean outfall monitoring programs. 
  • Environmental audits and compliance assessments - BMT Oceanica employs a team of highly experienced marine scientists, specialising in environmental auditing and compliance assessment.  Our auditors hold internationally recognised qualifications, including RABQSA lead auditor for environmental management systems and SAI Global internal lead auditor for quality management systems.  BMT Oceanica has undertaken site and desktop audits for a number of customers.
  • Biostatistics and survey design - BMT Oceanica employs a specialist group of consultants with a strong interest and background in biostatistics and monitoring program design.  One of our most notable projects included the development of the beyond-BACI style macroalgal monitoring program for inclusion in the Alkimos Wastewater Treatment Plant EMP.  Beyond-BACI designs are widely considered to represent best-practice in environmental impact assessment.
water and sediment quality

Marine environment monitoring and management

We have an expert understanding of the development and implementation of Environmental Monitoring and Management (EMMP) programs.

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Fish and coral

Environmental Impact Assessments

BMT Oceanica maintains an expert understanding of local EIA and regulatory frameworks.

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data management

Data management

BMT Oceanica has developed sophisticated custom software for secure data storage.

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