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BMT Oceanica has a long association with the Western Australian resources and mining industries, including shell sand, salt, iron ore, lead and titanium dioxide.

BMT Oceanica has a long history of involvement in the management of environmental issues surrounding marine resources and mining infrastructure. Our knowledge of the marine resources and mining is multidisciplinary, from the monitoring of salt field wastes (bitterns) to the design and implementation of monitoring programs associated with port development and operations (see also Ports and harbours).   


Relevant services and projects

  • Marine environmental monitoring and management - BMT Oceanica has extensive experience in the design and implementation of operational monitoring programs for marine resources and mining.  We have particular expertise in the design of water and sediment monitoring programs, and subsequently the interpretation of results in the context of national and state environmental quality guidelines, standards and trigger values. 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment  - BMT Oceanica will reduce uncertainty surrounding your project’s EIA and approvals pathway by interpreting and explaining the relevant processes and likely outcomes, and implementing the appropriate program of technical studies.  BMT Oceanica has excellent relationships with environmental regulators and a comprehensive understanding of both technical and procedural inputs of EIA and approvals, attained through long-term experience and ongoing professional development of staff.
  • Coastal surveys - BMT Oceanica’s experienced staff have expertise in coastal processes, geomorphology, marine and coastal geology, hydrology, oceanography and engineering.  We have applied our skills to a variety of projects, such as ports, harbours, marinas, coastal structures, boat ramps and jetties, maintenance dredging, sand bypassing and shoreline management.
  • Spatial sciences - Our team of GIS and remote sensing specialists produce spatially accurate benthic habitat maps using geo-rectified satellite imagery in association with data collected in situ.  These techniques have been used to identify broad-scale changes in benthic habitats over time. 
  • Project management and field operations - The combination of BMT Oceanica's staff expertise, experience and efficient management systems has successfully delivered outstanding project management, data analysis and reporting outcomes across for several projects related to marine resources and mining. 
  • Data management - BMT Oceanica’s Environmental Data Management Team (EDMT) securely captures, stores, and manages environmental data.  We also design and build databases to provide a personalised solution to data storage.
  • Environmental audits and compliance assessments - BMT Oceanica has a team of marine scientists who are highly experienced in environmental compliance assessment, including a specialist group of auditors.  Our auditors hold internationally recognised qualifications, including RABQSA lead auditor for environmental management systems and SAI Global internal lead auditor for quality management systems.
  • Biostatistics and survey design - BMT Oceanica employs a specialist group of consultants with a strong interest and background in biostatistics and monitoring program design.  One of our most notable projects relevant to ports and harbours included the development of the beyond-BACI style macroalgal and seagrass monitoring programs for a port development on Western Australia’s mid-west coast.  Beyond-BACI designs are widely considered to represent best-practice in environmental impact assessment.
water and sediment quality

Marine environment monitoring and management

We have an expert understanding of the development and implementation of Environmental Monitoring and Management (EMMP) programs.

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Fish and coral

Environmental Impact Assessments

BMT Oceanica maintains an expert understanding of local EIA and regulatory frameworks.

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