Oil and gas


Our energy clients demand the highest levels of safety, quality and value for money, and we work tirelessly to ensure these demands are met.

BMT Oceanica meets the exacting standards of the energy sector head on. We will always strive to do it smarter, safer and faster while never compromising on the quality of our products.

Our continued ability to offer a depth of expertise and quality service to an increasingly cost-sensitive energy sector sets us apart from our competitors.  

water and sediment quality

Marine environment monitoring and management

We have an expert understanding of the development and implementation of Environmental Monitoring and Management (EMMP) programs.

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project management field logistics

Project management and field operations

Delivering projects in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner is a key aspect of BMT Oceanica’s services.

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biostatistics survey design

Biostatistics and survey design

BMT Oceanica has extensive experience and knowledge of modern biostatistical methods and survey design practices.

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