Dredging and dredged material disposal

BMT Oceanica has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the environmental management of both capital and maintenance dredging campaigns.

BMT Oceanica is committed to managing the environmental impacts of dredging while assisting our customers in reaching their specific project objectives. 

Our experience includes monitoring and providing advice for dredging projects on a range of different scales, using various dredging techniques (such as cutter-suction, trailer suction hopper, excavation, agitation and sand bypassing), and onshore and offshore dredge material disposal.  This is complemented by our strong skills in environmental management and monitoring  (water and sediment quality, marine ecology, marine fauna observations), biostatistics and survey design,  and spatial sciences.

BMT Oceanica has extensive knowledge and a long history of involvement in the environmental management of capital and maintenance dredging campaigns throughout Western Australia.  Our areas of expertise include EIA, dredge material characterisation, sea dumping permits, pre-, during and post-dredging monitoring, preparation and implementation of management plans, environmental reporting and compliance auditing.  

BMT Oceanica is equipped to provide a full suite of environmental services for dredging campaigns with our team of highly skilled marine scientists, statisticians, GIS analysts, commercially qualified divers and experienced field personnel.


Relevant services and projects

  • Marine environmental monitoring and management - BMT Oceanica understands the risks associated with dredging in sensitive marine, coastal and estuarine environments, and has the knowledge and expertise to design effective and innovative environmental monitoring and management plans for implementation during capital and maintenance dredging campaigns.
  • We pride ourselves on our technology and innovation.  For example, we have developed customised camera installations to monitor turbidity during dredging campaigns, which include the ability to capture still and video imagery that can be accessed remotely and in real-time.
  • BMT Oceanica has extensive experience in defining the physical and chemical characteristics of sediments for capital and maintenance dredging projects, particularly in the context of relevant State and Federal guidelines and assessment frameworks. 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment - We undertake, commission and interpret surveys to assess how dredging activities affect a range of environmental receptors, such as seagrass and coral, develop management triggers, prepare habitat maps to allow preliminary assessment of the extent and distribution of habitat types, and use those to quantify any changes, design EMPs, facilitate efficient approvals processes with State and Federal regulatory authorities and undertake effective stakeholder consultation and liaison with regulatory authorities and interested parties on behalf of our customers.
  • Coastal surveys - BMT Oceanica’s experienced staff have expertise in coastal processes, geomorphology, marine and coastal geology, hydrology, oceanography and engineering.  We have applied our skills to a variety of projects, such as ports, harbours, marinas, coastal structures, boat ramps and jetties, maintenance dredging, sand bypassing and shoreline management.  
  • Spatial sciences - BMT Oceanica produces high-quality mapping and data analysis products including: designation of sediment sampling sites in accordance with the requirements of the National Assessment Guidelines for Dredging, analysis of elevation surveys to calculate dredging and sand bypassing depths, sediment sampling depths, and disposal site capacity and detailed plume sketch templates and subsequent map products for monitoring of turbidity during dredging. 
  • Project management and field operations - The combination of BMT Oceanica's staff expertise, experience and efficient management systems has successfully delivered outstanding project management, data analysis and reporting outcomes across several large scale maintenance and capital dredging projects. 
  • Data management - BMT Oceanica offers personalised solutions to data storage and management.  We have expertise in the development of systems for managing large volumes of biological and GIS data.  
  • Environmental audits and compliance assessments - BMT Oceanica has a team of marine scientists who are experienced in environmental auditing and compliance assessment.  Our auditors hold internationally recognised qualifications, including RABQSA lead auditor for environmental management systems and SAI Global internal lead auditor for quality management systems.  All audits are undertaken in accordance with ASNZS ISO 19011:2003 Guidelines for Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems Auditing (SASNZ 2003).
  • Biostatistics and survey design - BMT Oceanica employs a specialist group of consultants with a strong interest and background in biostatistics and monitoring program design.  Some of our most notable projects relevant to dredging and spoil disposal included the development of a novel step-wise approach to analyses, involving top-down pooling methods.  These approaches have been cleverly designed to extract maximum value out of datasets, thereby improving the sensitivity of dredge monitoring programs.
water and sediment quality

Marine environment monitoring and management

We have an expert understanding of the development and implementation of Environmental Monitoring and Management (EMMP) programs.

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biostatistics survey design

Biostatistics and survey design

BMT Oceanica has extensive experience and knowledge of modern biostatistical methods and survey design practices.

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