Marine outfalls

Products for data management

At BMT Oceanica, we recognise that environmental data is often irreplaceable and have developed systems to ensure data integrity and securely through all stages.

BMT Oceanica’s success is reflected in the quality of our data and project management systems. BMT Oceanica has developed two innovative and highly effective data management systems:



We have implemented a wiki-based enterprise knowledge management system, known as Pearl.  Pearl may be accessed via a secure web portal and provides a powerful project management resource.  Pearl is used to manage numerous projects where both customers and suppliers can access a centralised location for documentation and collaboration.



BMT Oceanica has developed MarineBase, a secure web-based data management application. MarineBase provides a centralised repository for managing, archiving and accessing historical environmental data.  Via MarineBase, customers (and other users as approved by the customer) may directly search and review their data, including time and location information, analyte values together with detailed metadata and QA/QC coding.